Little Beauty

Clear blue skies this morning were a clear sign that today would not come anywhere near to yesterday as a great birding day. A wander around the soccer pitch woods, alternative name for this spot required any suggestions welcomed, proved my point. Warblers were greatly reduced in number although a vocal Philadelphia Vireo was quite enjoyable. An increase in White-throated Sparrows was significant, they tell me how far gone we are towards winter and when to start staking out the seed carpet, now is the short answer. The relative dearth of warblers meant that I could spend more time staring into vegetation and hoping.

This time it worked, I was about to turn and retrace my steps when a small bird dashed over the path and into the vegetation to my left. It was calling quietly and worked its way along the herbage until popping up on a twig – Winter Wren. Now I know that they are relatively common in Quebec but they have not been recorded at the pits before, or they have but the date was not noted and so no date, no record. Obviously it was also a pits tick for me, #219 and my 177th bird there this year.

It has been a long time coming and I knew that it would happen one day and I’very happy that today was the day. After the high I went into the works and was serenaded by a procession of trucks departing the west end having dumped their loads. I’m hoping that the dumping will wrap up soon otherwise viz-mig watches are going to be tough to near impossible. In the works it was quiet but there is a lot more water now, after the recent heavy rains. My seed carpet is pulling in the expected species, I hope Lincoln’s are not far behind. The track also has at least four Palm Warblers chipping and tail-pumping, always nice to see.

Below a couple of shots of Palm Warbler.IMG_3517 IMG_3511


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