That time again

Before today, two consecutive days of brisk winds, heavy cloud and cold weather kick-started the autumn goose migration and thousands of Canada Geese must have moved into or through Southern Quebec. Today movement continued but the goose numbers were reduced and there was a smattering of visible migration through St-Lazare sand pits first thing, the highlight being a few small flocks of Rusty Blackbirds going through at tree-top height.

Warblers are also moving, mostly Yellow-rumped but a check of the soccer pitch wood showed that both kinglets had arrived and there was also Black-throated Green, Black-throated Blue, Magnolia and Blackpoll Warblers around. Duck numbers continue to climb with Green-winged Teal now up to 70+ and single Northern Pintail and American Wigeon showing up. Today three Common Loons went south over the site.

Below a few shots that are more descriptive than detailed (except for the flicker). A V-formation of Canada Geese, one of many, and about a quarter of a flock of Common Grackles going to roost, feel free to count them and get back to me! The rest of the week looks interesting for early risers seeking visible migration and the sparrows are coming, with the first Dark-eyed Juncos showing up today and White-crowned around since yesterday – Lincoln’s next.

Jus to go back to the previous post – the recording of the Snow Bunting I made could do with some more ears so to speak. I’ve had a comment that suggests it was the flight call of a Northern Shrike but I don’t think so. I’m investigating again and, if I can get WordPress to let me upload it (it’s a wav. file), I stick in on here for comments. Updaye – just cehcked and they want $99. to give me space to upload MP3 files, guess what! Update 2 – I signed up for Dropbox – this link should take you to the MP3. The call is 4 seconds in.

IMG_3544 IMG_3557 IMG_3570


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