Jays moving

Today Wednesday 25 September) the sun shone and the skies were blue and Blue Jays kicked off south in reasonable numbers for the first time this autumn at St-Lazare sand pits. By reasonable I mean a modest 153 in around a hour and a half from 7am. Such numbers are not unusual and I have had some good mornings counting the jays going by at this time of year. I don’t know my best counts off-hand but will when I eventually get everything into eBird.

Sparrows numbers are also on the up. My seed carpet is being attended by more every day and I’ll have to top it up soon to keep it attractive. As I walked down to view the carpet a couple of Semipalmated Plovers scuttled on a muddy spit, and indicator that a few shorebirds were moving too. As I watched the sparrow a mid-sized shorebird came in, didn’t call and set me walking briskly towards its landing spot.

Inevitably it turned out to be an Immature Pectoral Sandpiper and I scoped it as it loafed with some noisy Greater Yellowlegs. A small movement then caught my eye and four Wilson’s Snipe were feeding about 25m away from me, time to draw the trusty Canon out of the bag. Looking at the shot of two together they look quite different, all a question of angles I think.

IMG_3587 IMG_3622 IMG_3641


3 thoughts on “Jays moving

      • Hi Mark,

        it got me more inquisitive, in the Smithsonian, it states ”weak difference between juvenile and adult” and ”overall warmth of ground color variable”, could it be a juvenile on its way with a parent like we see with other species?

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