Third time lucky

In the continuing saga of the Ross’s Gull at Chambly Basin I can finally announce that I’ve seen it!

Today I made my way over to Chambly Basin after a bit of light shopping, got to eat after all. The weather people had stated that we would have -3C, feels like -10C and they were not wrong. A fresh in-the-face breeze also made conditions challenging but this time I dug out the thermals so I can still count to ten on fingers and toes. There was a good crowd again with folks coming from various points of the compass and all enthusiastically looking forward to the arrival of our friend whom we knew to still be around as an early morning appearance had confirmed it.

At I believe 4:20ish the bird was found by Jed out on the water perhaps 300m from us and facing into the wind, so away. Changing position got a better view although the wind and wave action meant that it was moving around a bit. On the water it sat as if scotch-guarded, high in the water like a tubby pink toy duck. It made a couple of short flights then cleared off and so did the assembled, smiling masses.

I made a tactical error in keeping my 1.4x on the camera meaning I needed more light than if I’d just used the 400x on the main lens. The result is possibly the worst representation of Ross’s Gull that you might ever have the misfortune to see. Sorry bout that!

If it ever settles down and is found in a more photo friendly location I’ll go back but for now I’ll make do with the vision of loveliness that the Ross’s Gull certainly was.

Addendum – the gull is now showing well daily from the nearby water treatment plant, some nice images at this link:’s%20Gull/index.html

IMG_5452 IMG_5466


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