The erratic weather continues with gusty winds of 65kmph+ whipping through our bit of Québec. I got out anyway and decided to go down to Chemin de l’Anse at Vaudreuil, a place I used to watch daily when low water levels and autumn shorebird migration coincided, I think 2009 was the last good year.

My inspiration for the visit was the continued presence of three Long-tailed Ducks and, judging by some of the nice photos, they were reasonably close. Two of the ducks remained just off the only car park for the bay at the east end. They were a bit far out (I don’t mean psychedelic!) for anything detailed but record shots were on so I took a few.

IMG_5672 IMG_5698_edited-1

I returned home via the pits which looked fairly empty as I arrived. The small birds have largely gone and what wildfowl remain have been around for a while. I got to where the Mallards hang out and was surprised to see a male that appeared to have stolen some aspects of a Northern Pintails’ dress sense! Closer inspection revealed daddy to be a very naughty boy indeed although perhaps it is hard to tell a female Mallard from a female Northern Pintail in the dark? I got a few instructive shots before it scooted, easy to overlook when it is in with 90 Mallards. I’ve included a shot of a real Northern Pintail here just as a reminder of what they look like.

IMG_5641 IMG_5710 IMG_5721 IMG_5725 IMG_5733


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