Nice new kit

For a recent birthday my beloved bought me a new camera, it arrived yesterday and so, naturally, today it had to go out for a full field trial. My old Canon EOS 50D has now retired and been replaced with an all singing, all dancing Canon EOS 70D. I don’t normally get such extravagant gifts to commemorate the date my Mother remembers only too well, in fact it was a combined birthday and Christmas present. I think that the new camera takes me to within a whisker of having had all of my presents up to my 110th birthday so I’d better make it last a while.

You will have realised by now, if you are a regular visitor to my musings, that there will be some photos of Snowy Owls here virtually every time. I did take a few photos today as some of the 11 birds I saw sat still for a while. Below are the shots, one was the same bird I snapped two days ago on the same roof but I used better settings. The one sat in the field is the one I thought was glued to a utility pole but obviously not, it can fly or at least walk – it was also a fair way out. The third is another long stayer, one of my secret stash so to speak. This one sat on a pole then flew around me to another pole. The flight shots are not quite as sharp as I’d have liked but background noise kept distracting the focus. As you can see it knew I was there and kept a beady eye on me as it went by.

IMG_0285 IMG_0191 IMG_0227 IMG_0234 IMG_0272 IMG_0273 IMG_0281

Before bagging the owls I visited one of my local aromatic Chicken dung piles. My reward for bringing home the scent was three Lapland Longspurs grubbing around. On one of the closer ones of the male you can actually see the spurs on the right foot. It is one of those odd things, after there being hardly any Laps around this winter, suddenly there are a now few scattered throughout my regular winter patch. I also snapped a Snow Bunting too. It was a bit distant but not terrible.

IMG_0130 IMG_0135 IMG_0148 IMG_0161 IMG_0184

Before stomping around in the dung I went to Rue Higgins in Châteauguay hoping for a Carolina Wren for the year. I was in luck and I took a few photos once it came out and sang to me. I also clicked off a few shots on an American Tree Sparrow and a Black-capped Chickadee to see how they came out, not bad.

IMG_0030 IMG_0058 IMG_0093 IMG_0098 IMG_0121

So thumbs up for the new kit so far. It will take me a while to get used to the new functions, I may even have to break the habit of a lifetime and read the manual.


3 thoughts on “Nice new kit

  1. Nice shots, very sharp and, well, ‘professional’ looking. So, for a low-tech kind of photographer like me, what does your “new kit” do that the old one doesn’t? Are we talking more than just the camera body in going from the 50D to the 70D?

  2. Great work. What lens are you using for these? Still following your tracks and have seen a couple more, but never manage to spot as many as you do! You must have secrets 🙂

    • I’m using the Canon 100-400mm image stabilised lens, the ‘birders’ lens. I’m generally finding Snowy Owls in every suitable piece of habitat and often not right out in the fields but much closer to housing. I still haven’t covered all of the spots in the St-Clet area so there are probably birds still to be found.

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