Continuing on the theme of our Texas trip, we hit Alamo in the Rio Grande Valley late afternoon after an easy drive. True there was a certain erratic element to some of the Texan driving but, as we live in Québec where such driving is the norm, we felt quite at home. Our accommodation for the next three nights was to be the Alamo Inn and B & B, or more accurately one of their newly acquired properties, sadly there was no room at the actual inn when we booked.

We used our Garmin Clueless for navigation throughout the trip and thought ‘Gabby’ might feel more at home in the USA but no, she still did stupid things, defied logic and mispronounced names with a certain amount of flair. One example of her eccentricity involved the name of the house we rented, Inca Dove Cottage. She found that tricky and insisted on using the past tense of dive i.e. dove (doe-ve). Perhaps it is we who have been getting it wrong all these years but dove is pronounced ‘duv’ surely. She also had an unfailing talent for telling you to turn just after the last legal or even physical point. We use her here in Québec too, you can imagine the fun we have as virtually everywhere is named after some religious bod, so saint becomes street every time, tsk!

After dumping the luggage in the house we set off to find a parrot roost. The nearest option was near the Frontera Audubon site at Weslaco. We hopped up onto the highway, got to the general area and were soon being followed around by endless trucks as we crawled along the roads listening for squawks. We managed to find a flock that quickly became a tree full of Red-crowned Parrots and in the crown of a tree right next to the parking lot of some Masonic Hall, which was nice. The light was a challenge for my camera but Sandra managed to fire off a few shots before the parrots set off for trees offering more cover.

The parrots were a life bird and it was good to get them so soon and so easily. We celebrated with a provisions trip to HEB on the way back, where we competed for trolley space in the isles with what appeared to be multiple family outings, perhaps there was nothing on TV that night. Having stocked up for three days we headed ‘home, serenaded all the way by the evening choir of Great-tailed Grackles in uncountable numbers. Tomorrow we would be trying to get around a few of the reserves in the area and, hopefully, see one or two of the target species that we knew were there.

All the images are Sandra, Inca Dove Cottage and a few of the Red-crowned Parrots.

IMG_3591IMG_3596 IMG_3600


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