Finally published

It seems to have taken an age but I’ve finally published, as an eBook, the first in a series called ‘Just a Birder’.

Book one is called ‘Going for Broke’ – it is a big year account but with a bit more besides. At the moment it is only available via Smashwords but can be read in any reader format. These is a link on the sidebar directly to the book, a bargain at only $2.99US.

Here is a little excerpt from an encounter with a Ross’s Gull.

‘As I approached the hide, I saw that local birders were on site and marshalling a patient and enthusiastic crowd. Usually, Ross’s Gulls that show up in the UK are in first-winter or adult winter plumage, this bird was a full summer plumaged pink adult and well worth seeing – well, they all are actually. I casually mentioned to the volunteer crowd control operative that I’d already seen one this year and that I was happy to wait until the hide quietened down a bit, graciously letting those for whom it was a tick go before me. I asked how pink an adult was and heard “that pink”. The bird had flown off the scrape and came low over our heads at about ten feet range; it was very, very pink indeed. It was also flying off out to sea with purpose, as if to disappear forever.’

Going for Broke final

More excerpts will follow.

I should say that this is not an instruction manual for birding and so, if that is what you want, then please look elsewhere. This is writing about birding although my next book (I know) will be called ‘My Patch’ and will be more instructive, sort of.

As always, with anything I write, it is tongue-in-cheek. Comments are welcome either on Smashwords or here.


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