Today Sandra and I had a little ride out north of Montreal to flooded fields east of Lachute and some more near Mirabel. It was a year list thing to some extent but also to get us to a place we hadn’t really been to before and it was quite a nice find. The creatively named North River was our main destination, it had breached in many places and tons of ducks, geese and gulls were feeding and roosting there. Most attractive for us, but not so for birders based in Europe, was the presence of Lesser Black-backed Gulls.

They are here now, colonising and even eBird doesn’t cough when you put them in. The fact that three adults and an immature were reported yesterday, were motivation enough for the trip out. We found the spot without difficulty and started finding Lesser Black-backs, four adults in total plus a nice, late Iceland Gull. The photos below are of two of the Lesser Black-backs, one had a bit of an argument with an American Herring Gull, the bigger gull won.

IMG_6016 IMG_6017 IMG_6020 IMG_6021 IMG_6023 IMG_6032 IMG_6037 IMG_6046

Moving on to more floods adjacent to Highway 15 near Mirabel, we were looking for Greater White-fronted Geese, there had been three yesterday. The mass of Canada Geese and the limited access to all areas of the extensive floods made it difficult to cover it properly and we didn’t see our targets. We did, however, find a further two adult and one immature Lesser Black-backed Gulls plus an adult Glaucous Gull.

Our last port of call was on the Ontario border looking for Upland Sandpipers. My sites there, that have been so reliable for the past 11 years, have been mostly wrecked by the land owner with the field dynamics altered to produce more (dollars) rather than farm in a less intrusive manner. No sandpipers, no meadowlarks in fact nothing to note. I’m sad to say that I think the site might be finished for the sandpipers but I’ll keep checking anyway.

My eBook has still to appear on Kindle and Kobo but I’m hopeful it will be available there this coming week sometime. I finally discovered how to put images on the blog side bar, click on the ‘Going for Broke’ cover if you want to take a look or even shell out $2.99US, or $3.29CDN or £1.78 for a copy. It is available from iTunes and can be read on an iPod or iPad or you can buy it directly from Smashwords. If you’ve already bought one, many thanks I do appreciate it.


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