Plus one more.

Yesterday I wrote about dipping on Barnacle Goose and Eurasian Wigeon this week, well you can add the Brossard Summer Tanager to that list because I went and dipped that today too. The tanager had been in this morning but not after and the guy who’s garden it was frequenting said that we were really unlucky, because it had been coming in very regularly since Monday.

26-April additional info: The QC rare bird site reports this bird as being seen between 1:30-2:00pm. I think the observer must have their watch set to another time zone because I was there then and the bird certainly was not.

I had planned, if I got the tanager reasonably quickly, to go to Baie du Febvre and try for the Brewer’s Blackbird too. Sandra hates the place although we have had at least two and very productive visits there, it was the other ten lousy ones that rather colour it for her. With this in mind I thought I would go on my own, especially as Brossard is a good hour nearer to Baie du Febvre that St-Lazare is.

The day had actually started fairly well, with a Greater White-fronted Goose at St-Lazare sand pits plus a Pied-billed Grebe there. A downside was a better view of what the owner has been up to, for some reason he is filling out in into a spring fed water area. I’m hoping that it is just a truck turn but he might just keep going and screw something else up, wildlife habitat wise.

Here are a few photos, the Greater White-fronted Goose was some distance from me!

IMG_6210 IMG_6220 IMG_6224 IMG_6227 IMG_6230 IMG_6235

In the pocket wood by the Soccer Pitch car park, the privee signs seem to have all gone, a good thing as it saves me from having to pull them down anyway. There were a few birds in there with four Hermit Thrushes busying away and a Ruby-crowned Kinglet in with the commoner stuff. In a few weeks we should have a nice selection of warblers going through there unless the St-Lazare council have a plan to screw this spot up too, you never know with that lot.

The coming weekend looks mixed but a report of Willow Ptarmigan in New York State is intriguing and tempting even though it is a bit of a hike. It is way out of range and you wonder whether it is the one that was in Ontario a couple of winters ago.

Still waiting for my eBook to appear on Kindle and Kobo, if you want to read the preview pages then here is the link: Just use the arrows to scroll through.


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