I just thought I’d stick this up to show you were all the visitors to the blog have come from since February 2012. Interesting stats and visitors from places you’d never expect. I suspect there are a fair few spammers in there, I don’t quite know what spammers expect to achieve but my filter collects them and then I scatter them to the four winds. I’ve included the top ten visitor country totals then the rest – altogether 130 countries and I only had to look up one to know where it was, any guesses?

Canada – 24,630. United States – 7,555. United Kingdom – 4,872. The Netherlands – 966. Mexico – 650. France – 563. Germany – 467. Spain – 435. Hong Kong – 394. Brazil – 302. Italy; Poland; India; Portugal; Sweden; Australia; Belgium; Panama; Costa Rica; Columbia; Russian Federation; New Zealand; Switzerland; Venezuela; Finland; Argentina; Indonesia; Japan; Egypt; South Africa; Peru; Philippines; Turkey; Slovakia; Denmark; Czech Republic; Republic of Korea; Ireland; Hungary; Ecuador; Austria; Pakistan; Romania; Singapore; United Arab Emirates; Honduras; Malaysia; Israel; Taiwan; Ukraine; Cyprus; El Salvador; Thailand; Serbia; Guatemala; Norway; Malta; Puerto Rico; Saudi Arabia; Chile; Jordan; Uruguay; Greece; Morocco; Dominican Republic; Vietnam; Bulgaria; Estonia; Slovenia; Croatia; Lithuania; Trinidad and Tobago; Belize; Bolivia; Belarus; Cayman Islands; Bangladesh; Latvia; Moldova; Cuba; Syrian Arab Republic; Nicaragua; Suriname; Jamaica; Bahamas; Guyana; Netherlands Antilles; Lebanon; Kuwait; Sri Lanka; Libya; Monaco; French Guiana; Montenegro; Ivory Coast; Iraq; Georgia; Algeria; French Polynesia; Bahrain; Palestine; Sudan; Iceland; Aruba; Paraguay; Maldives; Guernsey; Nigeria; Macedonia; Guadeloupe; The Seychelles; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Bhutan; Benin; Albania, Guam; Oman; Saint Lucia; Armenia; Comoros; Nepal; Tonga; New Caledonia; Luxemburg; Dominica; Yemen; Saint Pierre and Miquelon; Myanmar; Zimbabwe.



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