Picking up

My instinct says that we are missing a load of migrants that should already be around by now, my data, as recorded in my notebooks, says that it is exactly now that the situation changes and that last year was an early spring while this one is not. Perhaps the perception is down to the prolonged winter, at one point it felt like it would never end but it has, even if it is slow to warm at times.

Wanted gcfly

Yesterday’s weather charts suggested that we would get some migration and that this morning would offer encouragement, well it did. Almost the first bird I saw at St-Lazare sand pits was a male Black-throated Blue Warbler. I followed it up with a Nashville Warbler but only one of each and not much else around to suggest that there would be more grounded birds if I searched wider. The Black-throated Blue Warbler was very active and I only had it in the viewfinder for a couple of minutes before it pushed off.

IMG_7071 IMG_7056 IMG_7052

Encouraged I dropped into Bordelais Bog. Background noise was at it always is, mowers (what on earth are they mowing!), leaf blowers (you live in a wood, get over it), construction, reversing beepers, aircraft and the ubiquitous barking dogs. I almost longed for a noisy skein of Canada Geese to drown out the din. Aside from two light-footed joggers I had the boardwalk to myself and managed to find Blue-headed Vireo, Winter Wren and Palm Warbler amongst the many White-throated Sparrows singing in chorus.

Still no sign of my eBook on Kobo, naturally I keep checking! I had some comments about waiting for Kindle etc. You can buy for Kindle from other sites besides Amazon. You can actually download straight from Smashwords to whatever reading device you use, so if you are tired of waiting and really want to read my scintillating book, just follow the link on the sidebar. It is also available from iTunes for iPods and iPads plus you can read on your Mac desktop with the iBooks app (free).


3 thoughts on “Picking up

  1. A question from outside your blog. In your travels, do you know where I can find the common nighthawk? I have a special someone in my life who would like to photograph one. Thanks in advance

    • Hi Gigi – in the Montreal area Common Nighthawks are hard to pin down. They breed on flat roofs in the city, knowing someone with a pair is a good start. I sometimes see the odd spring one passing through and I always see lots in the autumn but never down. My best photos came from Nevada where they are very common in summer and there are places where you can find perched birds. Just to see birds then anywhere can have them from about the second week of August. I was once at Les Escoumins and there were dozens flying around for most of the afternoon each day we were there. I would say that you would be guaranteed to see lost of perched birds if you went to Texas in mid April, the High Island area near Houston, otherwise it is a case of hoping to stumble across one.
      Good luck.

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