Photo fest

Here’s a batch of images from the past three days, some good, some bad and some indifferent.

If you have been looking at the North America year list on the side occasionally, you will see that it has shot up recently, just three to go for 300 now. I’m still not bumping into a few things, mainly warblers like Bay-breasted, Blackpoll, Wilson’s, Canada and Cape May but I will. I had hoped to bag the lot at the pits but the warbler flocks have been patchy and moving rapidly through. Shorebirds should be getting into gear shortly, Least Sandpipers started passing through yesterday, the next month should see the rest pop up.

IMG_8126 IMG_8123_edited-2

Veery: Taken at St-Lazare sand pits. Instead of charging around and diving into cover this one took to watching me as I watched it.


Nashville Warbler: Four singing males on Bordelais Bog now, odd passage birds elsewhere.

IMG_7782_edited-2 IMG_7768 IMG_7756

Magnolia Warbler: As I write this on the front porch, two are busy in the adjacent Birch trees. Seem to be fairly common at the moment.


Blue-winged Teal: These are the only two I’ve seen in Quebec so far. This was at St-Timothee.


Purple Finch: I mostly see the brown female types but the odd male does sometimes show up. This one had been feasting on buds at the pits.

IMG_7626 IMG_7658 IMG_7643_edited-1 IMG_7640 IMG_7638

White-crowned Sparrow: I have eight of these in the garden at the moment.


Northern Waterthrush: Annoyed with me for pishing at it.

IMG_8011 IMG_7932 IMG_7901

Blue-grey Gnatcatcher: Taken at Dundee reserve. The nest is superb, a work of art.

IMG_7721 IMG_7727

Chipping Sparrow: I like them, they have character.


Warbling Vireo: Quite pleased with these, again at Dundee.

IMG_8185 IMG_8177 IMG_7805 IMG_7809

Least Flycatcher: The majority empid for now, Alder Flycatcher is sneaking in and Willow won’t be far behind.

IMG_8169 IMG_8162

White-throated Sparrow: Common in the garden and Bordelais Bog.


Golden-winged Warbler: Just a record shot, taken Montee Biggar near Huntingdon.


Great Egret: In the ditch at St-Timothee.


Grey Catbird: In full mew! Tell me this doesn’t look like a member of the grackle family in that pose.


Eastern Towhee: Out around Huntingdon again.


Great Crested Flycatcher: Ready to kick some fly, go get em.


Swamp Sparrow: At the St-Timothee reed preserve.


Solitary Sandpiper: A bit grainy.


Yellow-bellied Sapsucker: Hiding, almost.


Chestnut-sided Warbler: Not great.

IMG_7870 IMG_7872

Bobolink: Weird pose, then flying and sounding superb.


Black-bellied Plover: No really it is!

IMG_8005 IMG_7998 IMG_7994

Yellow-rumped Warbler: Showing the bits it is famous for.

Hope you enjoyed these.

Just a word on my next eBook. It will be ’Twitching Times’ and not ‘My Patch’, a couple of excerpts will be in future posts. My first eBook, ‘Going for Broke’ is available at for all reader formats including Kindle. Check out the link on the side bar or the tab at the top.


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