Reedbed skulker

More often than not you will hear a pig-like grunt or strange ticking from a dense bed of aquatic vegetation and you know it is a Virginia Rail. You also know that your chances of seeing it are slim. One time in a dozen you might get a fleeting glimpse of something rat-like scurrying through the vegetation, never a clear view, a head, leg or tail and then gone. One time in fifty you might get the whole bird, partially obscured but a good view. One time in a hundred it will be perfect.

Getting a good view is easy then, now try it with a camera!

Today, at Baie Brazeau I had the day in a thousand when a noisy Virginia Rail, obviously having a shouting match with a near neighbour, kept strutting out in the open right in front of where I was stood, stock still, camera in hand. I took full advantage and below are the results. I’m not offering variety with this post, just lots of images of Virginia Rail.

IMG_2692 (2) IMG_2724 (3) IMG_2724 (4) IMG_2727 (2) IMG_2739 (2) IMG_2748 (2) IMG_2750 (2) IMG_2762 (2) IMG_2767 (2) IMG_2773 (2) IMG_2782 (2) IMG_2785 (2)


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