Sabine’s dot

Thanks to a timely message from Pierre Bannon after he’d discovered a Sabine’s Gull off Beauharnois, I was able to skip over and take a look. It was always distant, never coming nearer than 350m so it’s record shot time again.

Chatting to Pierre on-site he had two together out there and I think I may have photographed both, but the other shots are even worse than these. Sabine’s Gull is always a great bird to see, one of the finest of gulls, I just wish I could get closer. Maybe I will on my next pelagic trip.

Aside from the gull, I’ve been covering the pits as much as I can. Migration is still happening but not in a flood as we hoped after a sharp temperature drop. Warblers are still featuring but they are widespread throughout the site and can take some tracking down. Shorebird numbers are starting to climb but there appears to be a new dog walker who has a pack and who always takes them over the best shorebird bits so get there early if that is what you are looking for.

With the extra effort I’ve added a couple of year birds for the pits, expected species but good to get anyway. I’ve yet to have a Pectoral Sandpiper there this year though, and it may be getting a bit late for a Canada Warbler. I’ll keep plugging away, who knows, perhaps one of the Sabine’s Gulls will come my way tomorrow, don’t think I’ll hold my breath on that one though.

IMG_6000 (2) IMG_6073 (2)


2 thoughts on “Sabine’s dot

  1. Hi Mark,
    I tried to find the sand pits!I think I was there on Sunday but all I saw were a few sea gulls & a group of canada geese!I then went to the bog & took along the boardwalk but nothing to be seen!I don’t know if I was on the right side of the pits!I parked my car on the side of the road & there was a new home being built on the extreme right!I went through the dynasty entrance!

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