Out now!

Fresh out today, my new birding eBook. After a few technical problems all now seems well. I’ve looked at it on a Kobo eReader, Kobo PC eReader app and an iPad reader and all formats work well. On the Sony eReader the images are a bit on the small size but those readers are getting less common.

If you can read this but don’t have an eReader you should know that there are several free ones available for the PC. By installing one it no only allows you to read my excellent books but also to download tons of free books too.

Below is  a link that will take you straight to Smashwords where you can preview up to 15% of the book or buy. I’m always looking for comments, good or bad, although I’ll obviously hide any bad ones where nobody can find them.

I will be offering print copies and soon. Just keep checking back for details. Print copies are naturally more expensive, I will have no control over that, so I’d go for the e-version and save a tree.



Between 1982 – 2003 I twitched far and wide in the UK. Every twitch was an adventure, a learning curve as I slowly took my place on the twitching ladder. Now you can read all about it in my new eBook, Twitching Times. In 117,000 words and 100+ illustrations, I’ll guide you around the rare birds seen and the stories behind them.


One thought on “Out now!

  1. Congratulations Mark! I’m really looking forward to discovering your latest masterpiece, bravo! Definitely save me a print copy please.

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