Ten hours on the briny

We did a pelagic trip out of Oregon, off Newport to be exact, and it proved to be excellent. I`d always wanted to be on a boat surrounded by seabirds and that happened when we caught up with a couple of trawlers over 30 miles out. The sea bird mass was spectacular. Black-footed Albatross wheeled around the boat in numbers while Pink-footed Shearwater was the commonest of the tribe.

We managed to see just about everything we hoped for, bar rarities. The only absentee amongst the regular species for this trip was Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel, in fact, the only petrel seen was an Ashy Storm-Petrel and then only by those at the bow.

Any trip is good but one that gives three lifers; Buller`s Shearwater, Flesh-footed Shearwater and South Polar Skua has to be rated good. Add to that Long-tailed Jaeger as an ABA tick and no complaints at all.

Below a few shots from the trip, more when I have time to sort.

On the side bar is a link to my new eBook, Twitching Times`.I also hope to be able to offer hard copies of both eBooks published soon,  so watch this space over the next ten days or so.

The photo are of: Marbled Murrelet, Black-footed Albatross, Pink-footed Shearwater and Long-tailed Jaeger.

IMG_6996 IMG_7102 IMG_7119 IMG_7130

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