Quick pits

Having arrived home from our Oregon trip at 4am, I passed on an early look at St-Lazare sand pits, preferring instead to take a look during a gap in the rain. An advantage of a later start was that some geese remained, most have usually left by 09.00 or so. Scanning from the road, two white geese stood out, presumed Snow. Something suggested that I should get a closer look so I braved the trucks and parked on the road that they don’t own!

Having reduced the distance considerably and now sheltered from a stiff westerly it became obvious that the two geese were Ross’s. I took a few shots from about 120m range as they busied amongst the Canada Geese, managing only one shot of both with their heads either up or still. Below then a record shot.

 IMG_8246 (2)

Over the next few days I’ll set to writing about the Oregon trip in a bit more detail too. We had a good trip although a head cold for both of us late on rather slowed us down a bit.



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