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Apologies for shamelessly pushing my eBooks, but then this is my blog and I do post you a lot of nice photos to look at and some witty repartee to enjoy, most of the time.

If you have a Kobo reader you will no doubt be doing somersaults at the news that you can now buy both my eBooks via their on-line store. eBooks are considerably cheaper than print versions but they’re coming soon for both books, I hope. To go to the page with Twitching Times on it at the Kobo web site, click here: http://store.kobobooks.com/en-CA/ebook/twitching-times

I’ve had a few questions about the availability of my books via Amazon and for the Kindle readers. Amazon only takes a relatively few eBooks per week from publishers like Smashwords and so you have to hope that yours gets picked. Going for Broke has been out for some time and not made it yet, so I won’t hold my breath on Twitching Times doing any better. Kindle readers should not despair though, contrary to what some would have you believe, you can buy for Kindle from any site provided they offer the right format. Below are the instructions from Smashwords regarding how to take a book from them and put it into your Kindle. You don’t need to be a tech head, it is just like using a USB storage device and the transfer is as simple as dragging and dropping a file that you want to move.

How do I download books to my Kindle or Kindle Fire? You’ll find links to all your purchased books in your Smashwords Library. There are two options for loading Smashwords ebook content to your Kindle or Kindle Fire:

  1. USB Connection.  Plug your Kindle into the USB slot (small rectangular slot) of your computer using the cable that came with your Kindle (the Kindle Fire doesn’t come standard with the USB cable, so you’ll need to obtain the cable separately, or, use the email option described in #2 below). When you attach your Kindle to your computer via the USB cable, it makes your Kindle appear as a hard drive on your computer. After you purchase the book, from the book’s book page click to download the “Kindle” .MOBI format. Next, navigate to where you see the Kindle show up as a hard drive on your computer. Next, just drop the book’s file (it should end in file name of .mobi) to the Kindle’s “documents” folder. Then disconnect the Kindle from your computer and the book will be ready to read. If you already downloaded the .MOBI file to your computer, here’s a helpful YouTube video that shows how to drag the file from your desktop to the Kindle’s documents folder: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UPOgXDYj3M
  2. Email the Ebook to Your Kindle Email Address:  For both first generation Kindles and the newest Kindle Fire, you can email your Smashwords .mobi files to your Kindle email address.  Amazon’s support page provides complete details.   To email files to first generation Kindles (Kindles other than the Kindle Fire), click here:   http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=200140600.  For Kindle Fire only, Click here for how to set up your free Kindle email address, and how to load ebooks or email ebooks to your Kindle Fire using either the email or USB cable method.

How do I download books to my Kindle from my Mac? First, go to your web browser’s Preferences and click Downloads.  Make sure to click on the box that directs your browser to ask you where you want to save downloads.  If you don’t do this first step, your files may go to your Downloads folder, and then it will be difficult to move them to your Kindle.  Next, connect your Kindle to your Mac using the USB cable that came with your Kindle.  Next, click to your Smashwords Library to find the link for your purchased book.  Then click to download the .MOBI file.  When your browser asks where you want to save the file, navigate to your Kindle’s “Documents” folder, and drop the file there.  After a few seconds, unplug your Kindle’s USB cable and you’re ready to read.

How do I add an ebook to my Kindle App on Android? Download the .mobi version of your ebook to your computer (remember where you put it). Plug your Android device via USB into your computer. On your Android device set it to ‘USB storage’ this may be a pop up query, but you may have to activate it from you device settings. Navigate from your computer to the /kindle folder and copy the .mobi file here. Eject or dismount your phone safely from the computer before disconnecting the cable. And don’t forget to uncheck the ‘USB storage’ button on your Android device.

I may add to this if I get any more advice from Kindle users.

I’ve also had questions about how to read the book without owning an eReader. There are many free desktop eReaders out there, Kobo do their own and the download is free. Go to Kobo’s web site and click download, no tech head capabilities needed. All you get is a programme like any other. Kobo’s will double as an eReader and give you access to their store. They have many thousands of free books as well as those for varying prices. Unfortunately they, just like most of the eBook retailers think bird books should also include pets in the same section but they’ll eventually learn.

Just a word on eReaders. We recently went to Oregon (no really!) and took in excess of 400 books with us, only two were made of paper. I used my guide to the Western Odonata while there and read a couple of novels too. In time all of the major field guides will be available in eBook format and now, with the new waterproof version of Kobo’s eReaders just out, you will be able to carry all of you tropical bird guides in your back pocket.

Finally,a big thanks to those of you who have bought my eBooks. I always welcome constructive criticism and want to know if I need to modify my books to make them read better on your device. At present they all work well with any reader text-wise, but the illustrations show best on an iPad.

Update – here is some advice from my friend Richard: Or load the BlueFire ebook reader onto your tablet or smartphone and download the book into that … it’s free, it reads every format exept Kindle and it doesn’t have that  social stuff and badges etc that the Kobo software goes in for.

I am currently putting the final touches to My Patch, it will be something of a departure from the first two eBooks in that it will actually be suggesting how best to approach what can be a very satisfying aspect of birding, rather than written as pure entertainment. I’m also working on my first novel but more of that later, and I hope to put out some free stuff soon too.

For those of you that only come for the photos, here is a nice Black Skimmer.



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  1. Or load the BlueFire ebook reader onto your tablet or smartphone and download the book into that … it’s free, it reads every format exempt Kindles and it doesn’t have that god-awful social stuff and badges etc that the Kobo software goes in for.

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