Cold week

Northerly winds have been the order of the week, with some cold rain thrown in, but not as much as they reckoned we’d have. It has made for a stuttering late visible migration, mostly involving American Crows, Turkey Vultures and Red-tailed Hawks. I’ve not ventured far, one little trip to the jetty at Les Coteaux in between vigils at the pits. The jetty was quiet, the winds were slightly wrong, but four Bonaparte’s Gulls were nice to see.

There have been a few highlights at St-Lazare sand pits. A late flock of American Pipits came through and the arrival of American Tree Sparrows is always a herald of winter, quite an overlap though. Twice this week I’ve seen hunting Northern Goshawk, presumably the local bird, it didn’t appear too keen to be on the move, it was more interested in snagging a Blue Jay.

Photo opportunities have been few and far between recently. One of the American Tree Sparrows got snapped badly and a Chipping Sparrow spent a bit of time being immortalised, but that was it really. I’ve been busy with the St-Lazare sand pits site guide, It should be out over the weekend and will again be free. The free Snowy Owl eBook seems to have gone down well, 90 have been downloaded from Smashwords so far and I’ve had some nice comments about it. If you want to get your free copy, just follow the link either on the side bar where the Snowy Owl cover is or via the free eBook tab at the top of the page.

I said in an earlier post that I didn’t think I’d get near to last year’s pits year list total of 180 species, well this year’s total (for me) is now 174 so it might be on. I’m still missing duck species like Redhead, Northern Shoveler, Greater Scaup and Common Goldeneye. Shorebirds are done for the year but I still need Golden Eagle and Rough-legged Hawk too, both quite possible in what remains of the birding year. Further down the list I don’t have Brown Creeper, Bohemian Waxwing, Lapland Longspur and potentially five finch species and so I am filled with a little more enthusiasm for getting down there in all weathers.

Below are the aforementioned photos. Incidentally, this is my 601st post in WordPress, add my BlogSpot to it and I must be pushing 750 blog posts. Where did the time go?

IMG_8622 (2) IMG_8738 (2) IMG_8765 (2)


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