Another free eBook

As promised, I have just published a 15,800 word site guide to St-Lazare sand pits and it is free.

Regular readers will know that St-Lazare sand pits is my local patch, well for now at least, and that I have spent rather a lot of time there, recording birds, butterflies and dragonflies. Now I’m sharing some of that information and I hope that the guide will be useful for any visitor not familiar with the site.

Thanks to the simple world of eBooks, I’ve been able to include a selection of photographs to supplement the text, I hope everyone enjoys the results. My next publication will be ‘My Patch’, a book about how to find, watch and enjoy birds locally, and yes, there will be some humour in it.

my patchsmall

The St-Lazare sand pits guide is available from Smashwords at you will also find there another free eBook, Snowy Owls and my two birding books, ‘Going for Broke’ and ‘Twitching Times’, not free but hardly going to send you to the poor house either! Thanks for supporting my efforts in forging a new career.

You can also follow the link by clicking on side bar, then the free eBooks page. There is lots of stuff on there regarding formats and the like, eBooks are not at all hard to download.

I always appreciate it when people who have read my stuff take time to comment and, in the context of the site guide, I am happy to make corrections where required, so long as I agree with you!

Sand Pits guide cover small


6 thoughts on “Another free eBook

  1. Mark,
    You’ve done a terrific job with the St-Lazare sand pits guide! Congratulations. If only others would produce guides even half as good for the many other birding hot spots around Montreal.

    • Glad you like it Peter, a labour of love. I may do some other local guides for sites I know well enough, all likely west of Montreal, and I’m planning a photo guide for those who want to look at odes, all after I finally finish ‘My Patch’. The free eBooks seem popular.

  2. Hi Mark, many thanks for both the ebooks and the blog, they’re both very informative and entertaining! I’m new to Quebec this year, is there any chance you could recommend any good websites for rarity news here?

    • Hi Josh – the only choices for rare bird are the BPQ blog if it is still going. Oiseaux rares du quebec and the QC list serve, ornithoqc. If you speak French then you should be ok, if not then you can usually figure things out. If you want info on specific birds in Quebec I’ll help if I can, just send me a list of ‘wants’. Mark

  3. Hi Mark,

    Congratulations for two of your books.

    I read your two free books and I enjoyed .

    I liked the one on the pit St. Lazare.I learned several points of interest.

    I still have to find out where you see the northern ghosthawk .

    Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing .

    Sorry for my english.

    • Hi Denis – Thank you, I’m happy that it is useful. The Goshawks are easy in late March, just park along the road by the concrete blocks and scan, early morning is best. At the moment I think I was just lucky to see the same bird twice, but they are there all year I think. Never apologise for your English Denis, I appreciate you communicating with me. Mark

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