Winter tick

I slipped out today to take a look for a wintering Field Sparrow, a potential addition for my life winter list. It was on a back lanes just over the river from Ste-Martine, south of Montreal and proved to be most confiding, briefly. The whole lane where it spent most of its time (Rue Rolland) was very birdy with flocks of American Tree Sparrows, Dark-eyed Juncos and a few each of Song Sparrow and House Finch coming and going. I even managed to miss out on a White-crowned Sparrow that would have been another winter tick.

It has also been tempting recently, to go and look for a Yellow-throated Warbler – we currently have two, both of which are fairly local to St-Lazare. As it transpired the weekend was busy and so it will have to wait. If I do go for one, it will be for one at Lachute and not one downtown, I can’t be doing with downtown. Further motivation to go to Lachute would be if a white Gyr Falcon that was on Oiseaux Rares du Quebec for yesterday showed up again. I’d then head out after it, especially as there is an Eastern Meadowlark in roughly the same area plus the chance of interesting gulls at the dump near Lachute.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was going to do a Vaudreuil area year list in 2015, but that is now very much cancelled. I’m not really planning anything for the first part of 2015 but will be trying to get out as often as possible, almost exclusively locally until local changes.

For those of you interested in Snowy Owls, this is worth a read. These birds really do move around a lot and it is fascinating to see exactly where they wander to. As technology improved I envisage standard bands doubling as transmitters, then banders would really be getting some results commensurate with their efforts.

Here’s the shots then, poor light, high ISO, slight pain in my left elbow, etc, etc.

IMG_0748 (2) IMG_0765 (2) IMG_0769 (2) IMG_0791 (2) IMG_0794 (2) IMG_0810 (2)_edited-1



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