It’s been a bit of a stuttering start to the year with just 52 species seen, and that despite connecting with great birds recently. Looking at the Quebec listings on eBird, I’m way back with the wheezy boys, with a note from Matron excusing them sports. I suppose only getting my first Song Sparrow of the year today is symptomatic of the slower start but then it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Common Redpolls have started to pop up, a small group have a Hoary with them at the sand pits and so I thought I’d post my Hoary ID sheet for new readers, click on the bird to view only the page. The redpolls occasionally use the seed I put down, I use a stone block opposite the site entrance if you’re passing and want a peek.


Today was mostly DIY shopping, but luckily the fields around St-Clet are on the way to the store if I go the long way, and so I was able to have a whizz around. The Song Sparrow I mentioned earlier was on Montee Chenier where the Snow Bunts get banded if anyone wants it. Out in the wastes I could only find three Snowy Owls, although one was the male I saw get whacked by a young female a few weeks ago. She was nowhere to be seen and he was basking in the sun while he had the chance. I grabbed a shot from the road and left him in peace.

IMG_1707 (2)

Next week I’ll get the chance to look for the Aylmer woodpeckers again. Fingers crossed that I’ll finally catch the three-toed in the viewfinder, it would be a photography tick, just short of 500 in N. America (ABA area) at the moment. Incidentally, now would seem to be a good time to push Listers’ Corner. Take a look at

You don’t have to be a big lister to take part and the totals and write ups are always a good read. You can download the pdfs of previous years to see how it works, I urge all active Canadian birders who keep a list to participate.


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