Yesterday I was feeling the need to add to my rather slow year list. In the lousy temperatures the options are not high. Another search for Grey Partridge, drive a couple of hours for a Harris’s Sparrow or look for a Bald Eagle. They are guaranteed at Lachute Dump but it’s a good drive from St-Lazare unless I use an ice bridge, so it’s a long drive from St-Lazare.

I thought to drive to Carillon Dam at Pointe-Fortune and see whether there was any open water, perhaps some gulls and a good chance of a fly-past eagle. The border gets messy here with part being in Ontario, the part most gulls favour. Parking up on the dam viewing area, or at least I presume that is what it is for, I did a quick scan of the dam above the hydro and bingo, three Bald Eagles. There seemed to be something recently expired on the ice and two adults plus a 1stw bird took turns to harass the Common Ravens and American Crows to grab a share of the spoils.

Heading home the long way, as you do, I drove the Grand Montee, the area where Upland Sandpipers breed. The farmers there have ripped up the area badly and the odds are that the sandpipers won’t have any habitat to use. Pity, they are the closest to my area and up to three pairs have happily bred there since I found them in 2004. I’ll optimistically hope that the sandpipers do come back and find somewhere to their liking, but my back up hope is that the farmers responsible for the destruction have some sort horrendous accident with a threshing machine, joined, if possible, by the politicians that pass the legislation that allows such devastating activity to take place. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want them dead, a missing limb will do.

IMG_2989 (2) IMG_3028 (2)

Here is one of the Snowy Owls, a happy bird hunting both sides of a road.

IMG_3049 (2)

This one has sat on this pole for about two weeks, always choosing the one with the wire to obscure it.

A trip along the lanes of St-Clet got me five Snowy Owls, making it seven for the morning, then I dropped into St-Lazare sand pits and was very pleased to see five American Robins, newly arrived. Perhaps the robins know something the weather people don’t; it would nice to think that we might have spring in our sights now and an end to this interminable cold.

IMG_3058 (2)

My two recent eBooks are in all outlets now so if you use Apple or Kobo or any of the other vendors, just search under my name and you’ll find them. At my publisher, Smashwords, I can do a question and answer thing and so, I’d like some questions please. Either leave a message here or drop me a line, the email address is under contact at the top. I’m not thinking of the ‘what is your favourite colour sort of thing but questions I can use and answer, are you readers up for the challenge?

Incidentally, thanks to all who have downloaded 57 varieties, nearly 60 so far proving that free eBooks are streets ahead more attractive than those with a price! Snowy Owls is approaching 300 downloads and, oddly for such a local site, the sand pits guide is only just behind it. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, just click on a book cover on the side bar to take you to the page where the eBooks live.


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