Baie Brazeau Guide

Just a quick post to tell you that I have published a short guide to the Quebec birding and dragonfly site – Baie Brazeau.

Regular visitors will know that to get the guide, which is FREE, you just click on the page on the side bar (the one with the Virginia Rail on) and that will take you to Smashwords, where you can download the guide. If you want advice re eReaders, then check the tabs at the top of this post.

I think that wraps up the site guides I’m intending to do for Quebec. I am working on an ode guide at present, watch this space for availability.

Thanks everyone for your support, please feel free to comment.

BB Rail small



One thought on “Baie Brazeau Guide

  1. Hi Mark. Really enjoy your birding blogs. Keep up the good work. Just been down Holme Pierre Pont for, Smew Pintail Goosander American Wigeon, got them all. You will probably laugh, but it was bloody cold standing on the A52. Not like your bone chilling cold weather. Off to Norfolk in a fortnight for any early Migrants. You may not remember me after all this time .

    Frank Leaver.

    p.s. The New Brazeau Guide is good.

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