Teasing us

The old blues song goes something like ‘I woke up this morning and it was snowing again’ or perhaps it would have said that if the song writer had lived in Montreal and not Nashville! After a couple of days and the teaser of spring migration, we were greeted by this:


Prior to that we had seen lots of Canada Geese milling around looking for open water, Turkey Vultures cleaning up the defrosted road kill and even the first butterfly of the year, a Morning Cloak, Camberwell Beauty to those of you in Europe. In March I saw 58 species total, in the first two days of April it was 50, you can see the difference the migration urge and a shift in temperatures to a bit nearer zero can do.

St-Lazare sand pits have been my main focus, naturally, and the rewards have been tangible, not least the record breaking 17 Horned Larks that went over a couple of days ago. In nigh on twelve years of visiting I’d seen just three there previously. The larks were a prime example of being in the right place at the right time, they flew directly over the watch point, 200m either way and they could easily have been missed. They also illustrated the frustration of ageing ears (mine). Greg was with me and his young ears still pick up those high pitched calls at range, mine need them to be much closer to register.

At least the snow gives me time at the keyboard to finish up the little Cuba thing. Go get it if you want it, it’s FREE

 Cuba - Two Trips small

I had a couple of questions recently regarding actually reading an eBook and, although I’ve covered it before and there are details on the eReader page tab at the top, things move quickly so here’s an update.

I use a Kobo reader but it has all sorts of stuff that, if I wanted that junk, I would buy a true tablet. eReader sellers are still labouring under the belief that people want everything in one package when, more often, they want simplicity, take Windows 8. You can’t buy an IBM computer without it these days, don’t tell me Apple systems are better than IBM, they are not, they are just different. Windows 8 was obviously designed by an 18 year old, for 18 year olds, and I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting just a PC that does things simply and without messing about with apps, touch screens, and garbage for gaming and the like.

Microsoft would see a lot of interest in something like Windows 40, designed by more mature computer users and for using, not pratting around with. Base it on Windows ME, keep the useful bits but don’t let anyone with acne near the design. But I digress.

Richard recommended the Bluefire software for readers using devices, they also have a PC version now, so I downloaded it to take a look, link below if you want to try it, it is free.


My Kobo shows all eBooks well, Sandra has an iPad and that too is a good reader. I think that the iPad shows illustrations and photos as well as anything although her monochrome Kobo eReader, the Aura H2O is good too. The Bluefire reader on the PC is ok but not great, I find the illustrations bitty.

In a few years it will be difficult to get some books in printed form, we just need to stop the eBook sellers robbing us by charging top dollar for eBooks, I’m doing my bit!



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