Sudden glut

The past few days have seen a headlong rush of migrants into Quebec. Clearly the winter-lag has created a dam load of birds and now that it has burst, we are seeing the results.

My concentration has been on St-Lazare sand pits and short morning watches have seen my Quebec year list leap to 103, with the pits year list standing at 72. Some of the highlights have been 30 odd Sandhill Cranes through. My third ever Brown Creeper there, courtesy of Greg Rand’s excellent ears. I knew my high frequency had slipped since my tinnitus started, and I have a former employer to thank for that, but you don’t realise quite how much until a Brown Creeper is calling in front of you and all you can hear is hiss.

Fortunately Eastern Meadowlark is within range, one sang at the pits yesterday, and Winter Wren is no bother, one was at Bordelais Bog today, along with the first six White-throated Sparrows of the year. Sparrows have been quite well represented at the pits the past couple of days, Fox Sparrows are singing and the first Chipping Sparrows showed up yesterday.

We are still some way from fully open water but a few ducks are squeezing into the ice-free area, Ring-necked Ducks and Lesser Scaup. The gulls have been having a right good time with the dead fish, just as I predicted, and good numbers have been feasting on the thawing corpses. No white-winged gulls, yet.

My Cuba book seems popular, not quite the 300+ downloads Snowy Owls has had so far but hopefully people will find it of use. I am also working on a book about Nottinghamshire birds, not much call this side of the pond but I suspect that a few will get downloaded in my home county.

The camera has been a bit idle recently, I did get a shot of a Sharpie at the pits this morning but it’s not great.

IMG_3237 (2)


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