Rain pounds on the patio windows and I have to walk across the site to the laundry for more coffee. We are going to enjoy a rain storm for most of the day so the birding will be limited. Yesterday a Willet was added to the trip list, nice to see a Canadian one for the first time.

The storm has knocked out the router so, if you are not seeing this then it is still out, if you can, it’s fixed. The Willet was significant, it was about 400m from the house we’ve made an offer on! Too far for the yard list, besides there are trees in the way and the chainsaw is still in Montreal, later maybe.

We had a good wander Monday, not seeing too much apart from the omnipresent Common Eiders and a scattering of Old Squaw, a much nicer name than the admittedly more descriptive Long-tailed Duck. Perhaps we are just a bit too PC in being sensitive to some words, we all get old after all.

Today, Wednesday, was glorious. Lots of sites were visited but there have been few migrants around. Still, the trip list climbed to 69 and I expect further editions before we hit the road home. Tomorrow is supposed to be another rain event but at least the camera got a short but productive outing today. This male Common Eider plucked a crab off the bottom and set about it. Lots of thrashing it on the water and general waggling before the crab was traumatised enough to not mind being lunch. For some reason WordPress has changed the view thing, just click on an image for full effect.

IMG_3277 (2) IMG_3287 (2) IMG_3296 (2) IMG_3303 (2) IMG_3329 (2)



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