Last day blowout

Business concluded, we decided not to go home a day early as we thought we’d have to and we’d have a day out birding all day instead, a last day blow out.

It all started well enough with the stuff in the previous post. The plan was to bird the Yarmouth area and work our way back, good plan we though. About 35 minutes shy of Yarmouth there was a loud bang and one of the rear tyres had blown, a new tyre at that. The space saver had never been removed before, as far as we could tell, and everything was seized. Brute force and ignorance eventually got the thing apart, meanwhile a call to the 1800 number on the CAA card told us that their office was shut and that we should call a local Quebec garage, I don’t think so.

Toy tyre installed, we made our way to Yarmouth with the four-way flashers warning other road users of our peril. As luck would have it, we arrived at a tiny tyre place and the amiable teenager working there said he could try to sort us out but that they shut at 12.00. Still unperturbed by this intrusion into the day, we made our way along the main drag and found the shining light that is Canadian TIRE. Reliable, always available Canadian TIRE. I had resolved to not only replace the irreparable tyre but to also buy a rim and another tyre just to make sure our 16 hour trip back was full of glee.

Oh no said the man behind the desk, I have no appointments available for today, it would be Monday at the earliest! Now, call me old fashioned but I’d have thought that Canadian TIRE would build a contingency into any day for emergency repairs and I may have said something similar right after I had said “you must be joking”. Be sure Canadian TIRE, you have not heard the last of this!

I was able to buy a tyre from a 12-year old who actually asked me what the difference between ‘all weather’ and ‘touring’ tyres was. $143. Lighter I went back to the amiable chap and he put the new tyre on the rim, what a nice lad.

So we had a bit of a hole in the day but we got back into the groove birding local sites all the way to Goose Creek where I was able to pretend to be a disinterested bystander and crept up on a couple of Willets. I also managed to snap a Savannah Sparrow and a Barn Swallow, both at Chebogue Point.

IMG_3474 (2) IMG_3506 (2) IMG_3645 (2) IMG_3677 (2)

As I extracted myself from the intimacy with the Willets, cars full of birders showed up, Alix, Ronnie, Peter and adding to the International flavour, Paolo from Italy and two others. Introductions were done and information exchanged, notably the whereabouts of a Field Sparrow and Indigo Bunting, the former a ‘good’ Nova Scotia bird.

The birds were absent when we arrived at the host house but Ervin then showed up and asked what the one was grovelling by the car, it was the star. Sometime later the bunting showed up too but failed to pose, never mind.

IMG_3763 (2) IMG_3752 (2)

Back on the road and heading east we passed a hawk sat on a broken tree. A U-turn soon got us alongside and I managed a few brisk snaps, our second Broad-winged Hawk of the day and something that made eBird cough twice.

IMG_3777 (2)

So despite the blow out we still had a good day, rounded off by a Belted Kingfisher belting across the bay near the new house.

Tomorrow, early we hit the road and should haul into Quebec, well our bit, late afternoon, time and tyres permitting.



One thought on “Last day blowout

  1. Do they spell “tire” with a “y” in Nova Scotia? If so, beware, as the language police must exist there too, prohibiting Canadian TIRE from spelling it correctly.
    Nice photos by the way, and safe travels.
    The colours (not colors) really pop on the Barn Swallow photo.

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