Sunny Nova Scotia

Well we saw the wet and we saw the windy and now we are seeing the nice. The sun is pouring through the cabin windows, banishing memories of day-long downpours. In the yard two Nova Scotia ticks, a Downy Woodpecker and a Red-bellied Woodpecker, the latter posing briefly for a photo.

 IMG_3454 (2)

Yesterday we seemed to be under a mucky cloud that spat a little but never really did get going. The birding took second place to the messing around, finally we have the house, we have the sale and we have the dates, more on that in later posts.

Ironically I only managed two NS and trip additions yesterday, a buzzy Palm Warbler somewhere unpronounceable, and a very smart Ipswich Sparrow, a.k.a Savannah Sparrow but oh so different. We tried again for the only American Oystercatchers to see sense and summer in Canada but no luck, too early on the tides. Today should be more relaxed and two ticks tend to get you off on the right foot. We are mostly birding but I suspect a little prospecting will also come into it. Yes, we are talking the joy of Wal-Mart in Yarmouth.

Yesterday I photographed, well tried to, a male Northern Harrier but he just would not look at me, despite Sandra crouching and squeaking like a mouse, the things she does for love eh! Interestingly, close examination of the images later showed the bird banded and, according to Ronnie, a local birder, he photographed a banded male three years ago, probable the same bird. I wonder where he met his bander?

IMG_3430 (2) IMG_3427 (2)



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