Getting nearer

This is the week we move to Nova Scotia and the big day nudges ever closer. This morning I found a window to see my friend Alain, so we met up at I’le St-Bernard. Being formerly a media person, he was fashionably late, so I wandered the parking lot and noticed a floating pontoon that gave a view of the adjacent river. Never one to pass up an option I went over for a look hoping to get a Black-crowned Night-Heron for the year and there, pottering, was a Glossy Ibis.

 IMG_4659 (2)

When Alain arrived we went back over the river to get a bit closer, and in a nearby pool that I couldn’t see from the pontoon was my night heron too, result. Alain is one of the refuge patrollers and knew that other keen listers would want a crack at the ibis too, so mini twitch ensued. As he made a call, eight Brants came over, making it three Quebec year and two Canada year-ticks in short order, nice.

 IMG_4606 (2) IMG_4639 (2)_edited-1

The reserve was quiet, much of the spring rush has now passed, but we enjoyed a walk and chat. I snatched a few photos as we went, one is the gang-rape of a Cliff Swallow by four eager males, “who’s yer Daddy?”, a four to one guess I expect.

 IMG_4692 (2)

Later in the morning my friend Andrea came over to our home and we went for a potter ourselves. A few birds called, then a singer gave it full volume, a Canada Warbler. It was well-concealed but I got a few obscured shots. A second bird struck up a duet, maybe they’ll find a young lady and settle down, hope so.

IMG_4760 (2)_edited-1 IMG_4767 (2)

And now a request. As regular readers know well, I have been watching St-Lazare sand pits for twelve years. There is a free site guide available, see the side bar and join the 300+ who already have their own, treasured, electronic copy, and I’d like to keep it current so if you visit the pits I’d appreciate a heads up for any unusual records so that I can add them to a revision when I do one. Ideally there would be a French version too and I am willing to publish one or add French text to the current one if someone sends me the text. I will, of course, add you to the cover as a collaborator.

This is likely to be my penultimate post on this blog. My last set of inane ramblings will include details of where to find the new blog if you are interested. When I publish another book, I will add it to the QC blog too so, if you are a fan don’t worry, you won’t miss out. Incidentally, the next birding book will be called ‘Another World’ and will be all about our North American Birding.

IMG_4733 (2)



2 thoughts on “Getting nearer

  1. This QCBirder will miss your contributions to QCBirding. However, I am looking forward to reading about your exploits in NS and other Maritime provinces.

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