No photos, just a goodbye Quebec piece.

Stress and moving are a well-known phenomenon, add moving during migration to the mix and the stress factor is increased, especially when prepping for the move has already seen you miss a Western Sandpiper on your (ex) local patch. No more ramblings about the pits birds, my time in Quebec is done and I’m writing this from the well-appointed McDonald’s just by the causeway from Barrington Passage to Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia, we’ve moved.

The trip was arduous, dangerous even but is done. We’re in our new place and busy cleaning up four years-worth of dead insects and spider webs. Cleanliness is next to godliness, so it is said, but the church we bought the house from seem to have had had that page removed from their bible, which is just a collection of mix-and-match fiction after all! We spent hours cleaning our old house and still wished for more time to do the outside, lest the new owner think we were ‘scruffy’, still, we will make this our own, we have a feeder up already and a yard list pushing 25!

So, Quebec with your magnificent landscapes, friendly people whatever language is spoken and, frankly, baffling politics, we’ll miss some of those things. The politics, well it is too complicated for a simple birder to discuss, not my business anyway. The people, we made friends and we’ll miss them but our door is always open. The birders, even more complicated than the politics and while I could comment on the birders with some authority, I won’t because again, not my business.

I’d like to thank all of the Francophones I met, whether birding or otherwise who spoke English with me. Many were braver than I when it came to trying to speak anything other than a Mother tongue, my French still sucks as they say, although it is somewhat better than the ten French words I arrived with, courtesy of a comprehensive education in England. While Chaussé deformé may well have proved very useful in Quebec, perhaps the Quebecoise French version better describes the province’s broken roads.

Not so long ago a goodbye was more permanent, before the web and instant access to the thoughts and deeds of individuals that you might not otherwise keep up with. This blog will remain until the web gets busted and the next thing takes over, it will happen eventually and hopefully without advertising and dollars getting in the way. I am out there with my new blog and I’ll continue to be just as active. I don’t know whether I’ll get more or less photo ops, I don’t know whether I’ll see more species and I don’t know whether I’ll even enjoy living on Nova Scotia yet, that is the point of new adventures, so, if you’ve enjoyed (sometimes) reading the 600-odd posts on here, save https://capesablebirding.wordpress.com/ somewhere and drop by now and then to see what is happening.

And finally, because there is always an ‘and finally’, thanks to everyone who has encouraged and supported my writing, has offered information and advice and who have become an integral part of this blog with their comments. Enough schmaltz already, bye then!



7 thoughts on “Gone

  1. Thanks for all your blogs and great pictures. I will follow you in Nova Scotia. Best wishes in your new digs.

  2. I am a late comer to your blog. Only stumbled across you this winter as I was returning from a trip to Costa Rica, and I figured the kids were finally big enough (7 and 3) to stop keeping my in the city, and get out and look for some owls. Your blogs were an immediate treasure trove. I am from Alberta, where I have birded quite a bit, but finding your blog was great for tipping me off to some spots here. I will follow you in NS without a doubt, even though the tips will be a little less local. I have to admit, I am very curious to hear about your opinions of QC birders! I am assuming it has something to do with the trend to head out without binoculars (only camera), but I am probably wrong. Here’s to hoping your next adventure is as enjoyable as your last. Thanks for the words, Mark. From a fellow Marke, even if it is spelled a little funny. Take care.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to write such a delightful blog. You will be missed here, but I will continue to follow you on your new blog.

  4. Good luck to both of you, enjoy the N.S. life and its birding. Great people also.
    Will miss the darkly humorous blog but the new one is great, I’ll keep reading event if it is not exactly across the street……

    P.S., forgot to thank your your comment on my road runner photos. THANKS!

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