1000 bird days

A couple of days ago I passed the 1000 birding days milestone at the pits, a nice round number to reach in a season of surprises.

The dropping water is exposing more mud, mud means shorebirds. This week I have seen three White-rumped Sandpipers, four Pectoral Sanpipers, mutliple Lesser Yellowlegs the odd Greater Yellowlegs and a few each of Least and Semipalmated Sanpiper, today there was a Black-bellied Plover too. The surprises did not end there, a small warbler flock had a Palm amongst the Myrtles, better still was a Northern Waterthrush. This tally would normally mark it a good visit but a raucous call from a nearby utility pole was found to belong to a female Black-backed Woodpecker, my second ever there, as was the waterthrush. Snaps below.