Pits tick, no pics

A couple of hours at the pits today was quite rewarding. The site’s first ever American Coot seemed oblivious to its fame conferred on it by being my 207th species there. Also present were four Long-billed Dowtchers together, now five Ruddy Ducks some fly over Snow Geese, eight passing Turkey Vultures and 98 Black-bellied Plover. A flock of around 60 Rusty Blackbirds went through, Dunlin numbers reached 16 and three Common Mergansers were a sure sign of more to come.

Yesterday, thanks to an email to Ontbirds by Jacques Bouvier, we nipped over to Alfred Sewage Farm lagoons to enjoy a Red Phalarope, that is all three phalaropes there for us this year. Also there were fewer BB Plovers than I’ve got! Pectoral and White-rumped Sandpipers along with the commoner stuff, also Ruddy Turnstone. It would be nice to get a phal of any sort at the pits but time is running out this year I think.

Last week we went to see the movie ‘The Big Year’. I’m not sure whether European birders will get the chance to see it, I thought it was actually quite good and did not make us (birders) seem like anoracks too much. It differs quite a lot from the book but if you take it as harmless fun you won’t go too far wrong.

The comng week looks reasonable, perhaps aFox Sparrow will find my seed carpet at the pits before the Chipmunks clean it all up, they must be due but no sign in the garden so far, just six White-throated Sparrows, 30+ Juncos and a lonely Chipper.