Scabby goose

Today at St-Lazare sand pits the large Canada Goose flock contained the leucistic bird again and I managed a few iffy shots. The Cackling Geese were also there but I couldn’t hear them cackling because of the noisy big ones. The goose topic is quite apt in Quebec at the moment as a Greylag Goose of the nominate race is at Chambly Basin. Naturally debate centers around its origins and, although they breed as close as Iceland, they are an unlikely vqgrant. They are widespread in captivity although that population is greatly reduced by 25-December! Either way its a talking point, my view is what does it matter if you cannot prove its origins, go with wild unless the evidence says otherwise.

I forgot to mention yesterday, over 300 Snow Buntings were out in the St-Clet fields, are we in for a big winter I wonder.

The first set of photos are of the scabby goose, in many places you can see the Canada Goose plumage pattern. I also managed a few more slightly better shots of one of the Cackling Geese, the flight shot shows the structural differences well, there is little size illusion in the photo, the Cackling Goose was at the head of the V.

Still no visible migration to report, the Northern Gray Shrike was still there and doing its circuit. There is a cold and wet front on the way for tomorrow, we are due something to stir things up a little.