Pelee birding

We spent the morning of Queen Victoria’s birthday celebrating by making the point at Point Pelee as early as we could. No sign of yesterday’s holiday crowd, just birders doing their thing. Unless you wanted to spend the morning watching blobs head off to Ohio the point was quiet. We slowly tracked our way back to the visitor walking at funereal pace seeing Mourning and Canada Warblers but overall fewer birds than the day before.

Meeting a few friendly birders we were pleased to be pointed towards a Prothonotary Warbler in territory on one of the trails. We could hear it as we approached, belting out its song as it moved around the pool it favoured. It never came very close but we did see it trying out a nestbox. Back at the visitor center we enjoyed a birders lunch of cheese burger and muffin.

It was nearly time to start the long trek back to Montreal but first we dropped in to Hillman Marsh just as two Glossy Ibis dropped in to join us. A noice selection of shorebirds were also present, nothing rare but good to see American Golden and Black-bellied Plovers in summer plumage.

We finally got home at 22:15 having done 2749km since we set off Friday lunchtime, having seen 140 or so species. It was great to do the road trip finally, breaking the cardinal law of never doing anything involving travel on a holiday weekend. If you have not been go to Point Pelee, spend a few days there. If you like to add special, and by that I mean endemic breaders, like Kirtland’s Warbler to your experiences, also known as a list, go to Grayling, enjoy the warbler and the birding in the saurrounding area, spend a few days. As for Manitoulin Island, I suspect the perfect weather we enjoyed might not be so regular there but it is really a place to explore, wave to the locals, see the birds, spend a few days!

Here are the last few photos. Nothing wow but they all have feathers in which should be wow enough.

Put aside your preconceptions regarding Christmas meals etc, what a bird a male Wild Turkey is.

Philadelphia Vireo, dumb name but a very cute vireo.

Brown-headed Cowbird – its head is brown.

A lousy photo of a Scarlet Tanager.

Yellow Warbler, very literally named.

I have no idea what Prothonotary means but it is a great warbler.

The furthest south that it is possible to go in mainland Canada.