Review of 2011 part 3

Everywhere is a long way from everywhere else on this continent. I frequently tour the lanes around St-Clet looking at Snowy Owls, I might do the equivelent mileage of a trip from Nottingham to Lound and back, means nothing to N. American birds but Notts guys will understand the relevance. Since arriving in 2003 we had not done that much travel outside of Quebec, except for our ‘real’ vacations. One reason for the reluctance to cross into the US was the border, as a UK passport holder there were fees, questions and finger and retina scans, every time, I suppose the poncho and sombrero didn’t help but.. Once we became citizens of Canada the crossings became a breeze and so in 2011 we crossed it a few times.

As mentioned in previous posts we did a trip to Michigan for Kirtland’s Warbler, we went via Manitoulan Island for Sharp-tailed Grouse and decided to return via Point Pelee, it was a lot of driving but a really fun trip. It certainly whetted our appetites for a return to Pelee, perhaps that tent we have used once will get dusted off!

Our second jaunt was to Cape May, a site that needs little introduction, it was stuffed with birds and is another must return to location. Highlights on both trips were many and they really opened our eyes to possibilities, even Texas is within range, no more flying, whoopee!

I tried to caption the photos but it only seems to do two then dumps all the captions together and omits the images, here are more photos, there are more posts to follow, hope I’m not boring you.